Tractor Restoration Testimonials

I bought a Jubilee that was restored by Dave at Arthurs Tractors and was so impressed by the originality, the authenticity and the attention given to every detail that I bought a 1948 8N Funk from him. The tractors are show pieces! They are mechanically restored, inside and out. I am very pleased with my tractors.

Glenn Schwartz, Noblesville, Indiana

I am a very serious collector of Ford tractors. The standard of quality by which Dave at Arthurs Tractors restores his tractors surpasses anything I’ve ever seen. I bought 2 of his tractors, an 8N and a NAA, for my collection. He also restored another 8N for me and because of his quality, it won’t be the last. Thanks Dave.

Brian Whitton, Corpus Christi, Texas

I inherited my Dad’s 641 Workmaster. We use it everyday on our small farm. It was starting to show and act its age, so I decided to have it gone over. After doing a long and involved search on the internet, contacting most of the places that does this work and asking a lot of questions, I discovered that a quality restoration is not just a pretty paint job. Thanks to Dave I got an education that I wasn’t expecting. He explained to me about generic sheet metal; good & bad. Then he explained what he does to overhaul the running parts. He gave me the choice between generic parts or to keep my tractor more original, like it was when my Daddy bought it new. Either way is available and it’s up to the owner what they want. I was involved every step of the way and what I got was a tractor that I was very happy with. No one believes me when I tell them it’s the same tractor.
My Daddy would be very proud. Thank you!

Mabel Madison, Henderson, TN

Pete Jones, St. Louis, MO.
I am so glad that I found your website because I was thinking about restoring my uncle’s 640 and didn’t know where to start. But you changed all that with your technical support and friendly advice. The right parts at the right price with the right advice made the restoration of my 640 an enjoyable one. Thanks Arthurs. Now I have a nice piece of history that I can pass on to my boys.

Pete Jones, St. Louis, MO.

I was having a problem with the steering on my 950. I contacted Dave at Arthurs Tractors and explained this problem. He told be that the problem was in the steering box. He said to send it out to them; they would rebuild it and send it back. So that’s what I did. When I got it back & put it back on my tractor I was very impressed because it has never steered this good. The turnaround was fast and the repair was great. Thanks Dave.

George Fairman, Albany, New York